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Transform the way industrial companies access and transform data through beautiful, intuitive and user friendly software.


To provide the fastest, easiest and most secure data pipelining software for industrial companies, and accelerate their ability to access, transform and make available all their data in modern cloud environments, without the need for specialized technical capabilities and complex programming tasks.


The idea for Aditum Data comes from working with industrial and energy companies over several years, providing industrial SaaS products, analytics and data engineering services. We have time and time again seen how companies struggle to access and make use of their operational data in a timely and cost effective manner.

Aditum Data was started in 2020, with a wish to dramatically improve companies' ability to build and manage data pipelines, and through this accelerate their ability to capture value from their data. We also wanted to help companies take back control of their data pipelining, and reduce their dependence on expensive third party expertise for building and managing data pipelines.

To accomplish this, we set out a bold vision to build a non-code SaaS product, that would allow users with limited technical expertise to build and manage data pipelines through an intuitive user interface. Two years on, we have cracked the technical challenges, and are working in partnership with a large European energy company on production testing and validation, with a planned commercial launch of Aditum Data Pipelines in Q1, 2023. 

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