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Oslo, Norway 25.05.23 - Aditum Data, an Oslo-based SaaS company focusing on data pipelining for industrial and energy companies, today announced an agreement with Wintershall Dea, a leading European gas and oil company.

Wintershall Dea will use Aditum Data's no-code SaaS application for data pipelining to accelerate their digitalization program, making data from more assets available to users at an accelerated pace, while reducing the costs and complexity of their data transfer and transformations. Wintershall Dea is a long-standing customer of Cognite and its Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) industrial data platform and expects the cooperation with Aditum Data to further accelerate and increase the value of their investment in CDF, as well as enable additional use of data-driven improvements in their operations.

"Digitalization is a strategic priority for Wintershall Dea, and we already capture significant value from the use of data and analytics. Working with Aditum Data allows us to onboard more assets faster and at a lower cost, further increasing the value of our investments in digital solutions and strengthening our position as a technologically leading gas and oil company”, said Ulrich Lorang, VP of Data Governance, Data Science and Data Hub at Wintershall Dea.

“Aditum Data’s no-code data pipelining application has been designed to meet the requirements of companies like Wintershall Dea, providing a cost efficient, secure and reliable way to transfer and transform large amounts of operational data. We are very excited that Wintershall Dea has chosen to work with us to further accelerate their digital program,” said Bernt Reinhardt, Founder & CTO of Aditum Data. 

Purpose-built for companies with high volumes of data and strict security requirements, Aditum is an intuitive SaaS application for no-code data pipelining that lets your team quickly and easily create, monitor and manage your data pipelines without the need for technical expertise.

About Wintershall Dea:

Wintershall Dea is Europe’s leading independent natural gas and oil company with more than 120 years of experience as an operator and project partner along the entire E&P value chain. The company with German roots and headquarters in Kassel and Hamburg explores for and produces gas and oil in 11 countries worldwide in an efficient and responsible manner. With activities in Europe, Latin America and the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa), Wintershall Dea has a global upstream portfolio and, with its participation in natural gas transport, is also active in the midstream business.

About Aditum Data:

Aditum Data is a Norwegian software company with an aspiration to revolutionize the way industrial companies can access, transfer and transform operational data. Built for companies with large amounts of data and high-security requirements, their no-code SaaS application automates the tasks of data engineers and empowers users to develop, monitor and maintain data pipelines in an intuitive user interface. Aditum Data provides companies with significant improvements in efficiency and cost, while providing customers with full control and protection of their data within their own IT infrastructure.

For more information about Aditum Data, visit, follow us on LinkedIn or reach us on

Media: About Us
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